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Hi, it's Suzy. I’m a veteran at taking greens – I’ve tried them all. Some taste like roots or dirt that cause you to gag, some have chunks that make you want to throw up. I want you to know that I had you in mind when I formulated THYROID GREENS™ and it’s one-of-a-kind because it is smooth and... it TASTES DELICIOUS!
Meet Suzy Cohen
America's Pharmacist®
I've been a pharmacist for 27 years and a
Functional Medicine practitioner for 20 years.
That's a ton of nerdiness!

You may have seen me on The Dr. Oz Show, as well as
The 700 Club, The View, The Doctors and more.

I'm a syndicated columnist so my articles are printed somewhere, every day in this country for the past 20 years!

I co-hosted THE THYROID SUMMIT in 2014.

Also magazines: Woman’s Day, Reader’s Digest, Prevention, Huffington Post, Fitness, Better Homes & Gardens and dozens more.

I'm the woman you want for this job!
Because I'm a pharmacist. I understand complex biochemical pathways in the human body and combine that knowledge with a love of herbs and vitamins.
I'm passionate about creating formulas that work.
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IMPORTANT: Other Brands May Contain Goitrogenic Ingredients That Can Impair Thyroid Function
Although "green" formulas are packed with super nutrients, there can often be one small problem... your thyroid. As you probably know by now, when your thyroid isn't healthy, you feel anything but "super"...
When your thyroid isn't healthy, no matter how well you eat, you might NOT be able to lose weight (or might even gain weight) no matter how hard you try. Your hair can become dry and brittle and fall out in clumps, your skin can lose its color and turn yellowish, you can develop a sensitivity to cold, you might feel more anxiety or depression and many, many more horrible things that doctors rarely know how to discuss with you or respond to. So how does this relate to green formulas?
You might think you don't have to worry because the green formula you're taking now is "organic" and "natural", right? WRONG. Many hard core drugs are "natural". And that's exactly what this substance acts like, like a DRUG. In a little bit I'll explain how it’s like a drug deal gone bad, although there are MANY reasons to take a super green mix.
Thousands have made Thyroid Greens part of their daily routine.  Why?
  •  Contains potent antioxidants that can reduce the free radical damage associated with blood sugar abnormalities, blood pressure issues, DNA (cell) damage and hundreds of other problems
  •  May have chemo-protective qualities*
  •  Helps hair and nails grow nicely*
  •  Helps your body make energy
  •  Helps you get your daily fruit and vegetable servings
Meanwhile a time bomb is lurking in these "other" mixes.  Read on...
Up until now, if you've taken in any current greens powder mix on the market, you’ve more than likely consumed kilos of goitrogens a year... the brand doesn’t matter. 

For me, the word “kilos” conjures up a visual of a drug deal!  And here's how it's actually like a drug deal gone bad:
You consume these mixes that contain spinach, kale and other Brassica family veggies. Of course they are RAW because they are pitched as the world’s healthiest foods. And you might never connect the potential health disaster that could result from long-term intake of fruits and veggies that reduce iodine uptake and thus impact your thyroid (and breasts, and prostate... but give me a minute, I'll get to that soon)
My point is that most people don’t even know what a “goitrogen” is. And that’s okay, that’s why I'm here for you.

 I used to think the fear of goitrogens was over-rated and a little silly, I mean really… broccoli IS highly nutritious, right?  It is one of the world’s healthiest foods! I love it! But broccoli IS a goitrogenic ingredient like dozens of other foods that can attack thyroid function.

The bottom line is, broccoli should be cooked, it should not be taken in as a broccoli powder like in many greens formulas currently on the market. That’s my opinion. Am I saying this to sell you my own product?

No, I'm saying this to let you know WHY I had to make this product, Thyroid GREENS, because nobody else has done it yet.
The green mixes available today -depending on their ingredients - don't necessarily hurt you right away, but they can literally shut down your body's thyroid production over time...
And it doesn’t happen to every single person immediately - it takes time, sometimes weeks or months. And it’s more pronounced with raw powders, like those found in all the popular green mixes.

So yes, it’s possible to overdose on greens in this regard, by consuming goitrogens every single day without a thought. Just look at that green veggie salad in front of you.

I have warned you about this problem in the past, I jokingly call it my ‘case against kale!’ But kale is not the only goitrogenic food. Refer to Table 1 below to see the entire list of goitrogenic foods that can turn off thyroid production. 
These goitrogens could become a huge problem when you take them in enthusiastically in order to get the known, and rather astonishing health benefits of super greens! So this is the paradigm that I spent the last two years figuring out how to solve. And I finally did it! That's why I formulated Thyroid Greens™.

I read your article about hypothyroidism and how goitrogens can attack your thyroid. I want to thank you for enlightening me as to why I was feeling more anxious, despondent and cold.

I was honestly a little panicky because my hair was starting to get thinner and dry. The only thing I was doing different was consuming a popular greens formula.

By the 6th week on this green formula, I thought I was going crazy. Even though my digestion had improved, I felt like something was wrong with me.

Then I read your article on goitrogens. Now that I’ve been off that greens formula for a month, my mind is clearer, I feel calmer and it’s like I’ve emerged from hibernation.

—Linda P., Atlanta, Georgia
When goitrogens attack your thyroid you may feel more anxious, panicky, despondent, cold and your hair might even begin to thin. 
Linda isn’t the only reader who had to learn the hard way. One of my neighbors was juicing kale and apples every morning and she couldn't figure out why she was putting on weight and running out of brain power by the middle of the afternoon.
It’s not supposed to be that way! Greens are alkalizing and they are supposed to be energizing. I bet some of you have had this experience yourself.
So if greens are so healthy (and they are) WHY does this happen?
Because goitrogens can impair thyroid function by suppressing iodine uptake.

When this happens you bring a disease on yourself. You could even induce a goiter which shows up as a swelling in your neck due to an enlarged thyroid gland. Goitrogens = goiter. Get it? 

You see, goitrogenic compounds are naturally-occurring chemicals that can be ingested in foods (and some drugs) that can interfere with thyroid function in different ways. But the net effect is suppressed thyroid function.

Some goitrogenic compounds can induce antibodies that cross-react with the thyroid gland. Some other goitrogenic compounds can interfere and block natural thyroid peroxidase (TPO), an enzyme that we all have.   
Thyroid peroxidase, or TPO, is responsible for making thyroid hormone. TPO adds iodine to tyrosine to make T4 and T3 hormone. 

So when your thyroid isn’t able to produce the hormones that are necessary to regulate your metabolism, for your ability to burn fat, stay warm and keep up thyroid production, you’re going to feel bad. And remember, your TSH blood tests won’t pick this up.
Without TPO, there’s no way you can make natural thyroid hormone. No way. 
Goitrogens act so shamelessly on the body, that it can lead to a goiter 
For those of you with an otherwise perfectly healthy thyroid gland, and perfect hormone levels, your thyroid simply compensates for the presence of these goitrogens and makes more hormones as needed - that is, until your thyroid tires out.  

But if you have any degree of low thyroid function, or thyroid hormone levels that are not completely balanced, then your thyroid gland can actually grow thousands of more thyroid cells in an attempt to make up for inadequate hormone production.  These additional cells form tissue, which becomes a swelling or enlargement of your thyroid gland. It’s called a goiter.

It is painful and unsightly when an enlargement forms around your neck. Goitrogens can suppress iodine and cause hypothyroidism.

Now, if you look at the list in Table 1 of goitrogenic veggies, you will notice some of the biggies like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, strawberries and flax seed. These are very commonly found in popular GREEN powder mixes. But you also make meals out of them.
As you just learned, goitrogens cause iodine deficiency, and iodine deficiency is in the top 3 deficiencies people deal with next to magnesium and vitamin D. It’s extremely common.

Is it possible that in part, people are iodine deficient because they are taking in millions of pounds of goitrogens, either in the form of so-called healthy green mixes, supplements or foods?

Iodine deficiency is commonly associated with hypothyroidism but the big secret that few people are willing to say is that iodine deficiency is associated with reproductive cancers, like those in the breast or prostate. 
The fruits and vegetables that appear in BOLDFACE are very commonly found in other GREENS formulas currently on the market.
Bamboo shoots
Bok choy
Brussels sprouts
Canola oil
Chinese cabbage
Choy sum
Collard greens
Flax seed
Kai-lan (Chinese broccoli)
Mizuna (Japanese greens)
Mustard greens
Pine nuts
Soy milk
Soy (beans, tofu, soy lecithin)
Sprouts, alfalfa or broccoli
Sweet potatoes
Swiss Chard
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Your Breasts are Similar to Your Thyroid.
Say what?

Yes, your breasts are similar to your thyroid gland in that they need iodine for their optimal health.

In fact, every cell, every organ, and hundreds of metabolic reactions in the human body require iodine, and this is especially true for female breast tissue.

Consuming the wrong goitrogenic greens can impact breast health by suppressing iodine.
You should know that the rates of breast cancer are significantly higher in regions where goiters are common.
Breast tissue has a greater concentration of iodine than your thyroid!
Breast tissue uses the exact same iodine-transporting proteins as the thyroid gland.

If you can't transport iodine into the thyroid cell, then you can’t make thyroid hormone. Likewise, if you can't transport iodine into breast cells, you can't have optimally healthy breasts.

The same could be said about prostate tissue in men. Iodine offers tremendous antioxidant benefits. Iodine deficient breast tissue (and thyroid tissue) is susceptible to rusting (technically termed “lipid peroxidation”) and this contributes to many adverse and unwanted health conditions.

Keep in mind, goitrogenic foods can suppress iodine.

Iodine is well-known to promote breast health. A study back in the 1990’s reported that iodine supplementation reduced indications of fibrocystic breast disease and then in 2004 research showed that half of all women who experienced breast tenderness due to fibrocystic breast disease experienced improvement after iodine supplementation.

So goitrogenic foods can be bad for your thyroid and for your breasts, the two ‘parts' that make us feel good, and feel feminine. We have to protect the girls ;-)
I really want to make this point clear. Goitrogenic foods are highly nutritive, but in moderation and when cooked. It’s the raw veggies that you’re putting in your Vitamix, or the commercial green mixes that you’ve been using.

When you cook cruciferous vegetables like broccoli you reduce their goitrogenic effect on your thyroid. So if you have hypothyroidism or Hashimoto’s then it’s way better to fully cook your broccoli, than to dip the raw florets in ranch dressing.

But you aren’t cooking those powdered "green" mixes. You’re mixing them with water and consuming them. That may not be good for you over time because if you end up becoming iodine deficient then you could develop hypothyroidism, a goiter, fibrocystic breast pain, infertility, brain dysfunction, obesity and infections.

Iodine helps to optimize your immune function and the antioxidant mineral is a key nutrient for thyroid support, it supports metabolism, it benefits fatigued individuals, and it helps ward off unwanted substances that have entered the body. 
Let’s not become phobic of goitrogenic foods.
There are many children who suffer from mental health issues who were born to iodine-deficient moms
There’s a direct correlation with low iodine levels and breast and prostate health. There are many American children born to moms who are iodine deficient who suffer from developmental issues and mental health issues.

So always keep this in mind -- goitrogenic foods suppress iodine. I’m not saying you need to supplement with iodine, what I’m saying is that you need to limit goitrogenic foods.
Something FANTASTIC born out of FRUSTRATION 
Greens formulas are among the types of nutritional supplement formulas that I’ve promoted and endorsed for many years.  

Greens formulas were mentioned in my Diabetes Without Drugs book as STEP 1 in my 5-step plan to support diabetic individuals.

Greens formulas can help keep your breath fresh. They can promote regularity and relieve constipation. And they can also clean up your gut and bind heavy metals.

Minus the goitrogenic compounds, they truly are super greens...
So, what I have created is the world’s BEST thyroid-friendly greens mix. It is 100% FREE of goitrogenic compounds and packed with powerful nutrients!
The Next Generation of Super Greens Mix is Finally Here!
I used to consume a green formula myself until I stopped a few years ago. I became frustrated because I felt the backlash of the goitrogens in it that were suppressing my thyroid function. I would hear myself talking to my fans at book signings and saying, “You need to stop taking in those greens right now, they are putting your thyroid into hibernation.” Over and over I said that at book signings for my book called Thyroid Healthy.  

Then I decided to do something about it. I’m a pharmacist and I’m a researcher, and I know how to formulate like it’s a second language. I figured out a way to help us all. I created my own custom formula!

It won't hurt your thyroid. It tastes delicious. And I named it something very simple, THYROID GREENS™.

So now, in the best super greens mix ever, you have a safe way to get the powerful benefits of greens, without consuming any harmful goitrogenic substances! I’m really excited about it.
Greens mixes are too powerful NOT to have in your health arsenal... So that's why I spent years putting together my own greens mix that is THYROID HEALTHY and does NOT contain any goitrogenic ingredients.
Green mixes are incredibly healthy, especially those that have chlorophyll in them.

They can help your hair and nails grow faster, they can improve gastrointestinal function, they can bind toxins like heavy metals, and they can help you feel lighter, more energetic.*
Greens are fundamental to supporting healthy blood sugar levels and normal blood pressure levels, as well as promoting healthy cholesterol ratios.*

So I am still an advocate for green mixes, and I hope by bringing consumer awareness to the market, nobody will ever buy a greens mix that contains goitrogenic ingredients until other manufacturers start making changes.
Do you have to have a thyroid problem to take Thyroid GREENS™? Heavens no!
Anyone can enjoy the powerful benefits of my Thyroid GREENS powder mix. Thousands of my customers in the US are doing so now, and on a daily basis. The difference is that with my custom formula, you don’t have to worry about crashing your thyroid! I’ve even filed for a patent on Thyroid GREENS! Because there is nothing else like it that exists in the world. Anyone, at any age, can take my formula - it’s super greens with super powers if I do say so myself. 
Do you feel how proud I am of this? It’s my most creative formula yet! 
When I told my friend Bob what I was formulating, he said, “Suzy, you’re like the Steve Jobs of health. You make things people need, and they didn’t even know they needed it!"
Why take the risk?
The GREENS formula industry is a billion dollar business, and they’re all banking on you to be ignorant to the fact that their products could shut down your thyroid production.
And since I don’t want to point fingers and call out big brand names I suggest you do your own research.
Thyroid Greens™ is the first and only goitrogen-free, fluoride-free, gluten free, GREENS formula on the market.
Until today, there has never been a greens formula that could DO ALL THIS and PROTECT your thyroid.* Remember this - greens are good for you, BUT ONLY if they are free of GOITROGENS AND Fluoride.
Fluorinated Drugs are Known to Compete with Iodine
First a word about fluoride. BAD. Yes, that’s the word, just one word: BAD. 
Fluorinated Drugs
Fluoride is an industrial chemical that you will NEVER find in Thyroid GREENS, but it can be found in trace amounts in other brands.
I don’t care what the dentist says to you. Fluoride and fluorinated drugs are known to compete with iodine.
Fluoride is one of those “halogen” compounds that I call a bully because it competes with the cell receptors in the thyroid that normally sponge up iodine. In the presence of fluoride, iodine CAN’T get on those cell receptors.
The fluoride bully will get on the cell receptors in your thyroid and get hugged right into your thyroid cells where it basically shuts them down. Kills it. Finito!
So while you’re slurping up all these green mixes now on the market, make a quick phone call or write an email and ask, “Does your product contain any fluoride?” If they don’t oblige, then they’re hiding something.
I have the data to prove there’s NO fluoride in my Thyroid GREENS™
Thyroid Greens Ingredients
How You Benefit from Thyroid GREENS™
Probiotic strains in other green mixes don’t get past your stomach acid.  Do you realize that all those probiotic strains you see on the label, the BILLIONS of units … you think you’re getting all of them, but they simply DIE in your stomach acid!

How does that help you? It’s a dirty little secret in the industry that makes me wanna scream! I don’t play games like that and put ingredients on the label KNOWING that once it hits your stomach acid it’s gone… I actually chose a probiotic strain that survives stomach acid. It’s called Bacillus Coagulans. Other probiotic strains won’t make it through the acid in your stomach.

I know I know, you’re probably really ticked to hear that. But it’s true, and so I researched this and found an amazing probiotic strain to put in my Thyroid GREENS™, one that will survive and colonize your gut.
Get probiotics that actually survive your stomach acid!
Bacillus coagulans is not just another probiotic, it is known to:
  •  Help with poor digestion
  •  promote healthy gut flora which helps you digest your food and produce natural vitamins*
  • regulate healthy metabolism*
  •  support normal immune response*
We don’t give probiotics enough credit! (when they work, that is)
This probiotic sets Thyroid GREENS apart from other greens mix and makes it a superior formula
You can certainly continue taking your own brand, but I want you to know that I didn’t just put any old probiotic in Thyroid GREENS™, that I didn’t put it in there just for show!

I am aware that a trick is being played on you with other greens formulas. Some of them have probiotic ingredients that you recognize because you’ve heard the ingredient name before, but that doesn't mean the probiotic sticks to your gut and works! It just means it’s in the product. When it hits your stomach acid, all bets are off.

With bacillus coagulans, however, you’re getting a lactic acid-producing strain (good), that is a breakthrough in probiotic supplementation.* The beneficial bacteria is dormant until it gets deep inside to your intestines and then it starts growing right where it needs to be.*

In contrast, Lactobacillus probiotics will lose much of their potency before use, and most of them don't survive the trip through the stomach. 
GREENS are known to spark energy and support mitochondrial function.*
Just for a minute, imagine what your life could be like if you didn’t need 4, 6, or 8 cups of coffee a day? It could be that way. It SHOULD be that way.

Unlike coffee, Thyroid GREENS™ won't harm your adrenal glands. Every time you want a cup of coffee, try a scoop of my GREENS instead. The benefits are clear and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Now, what would your life be like if you could go on longer hikes? Forget hiking, what would it feel like to get up and down the stairs in your house without being short of breath?


Don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself!
As a pharmacist, I’ve selected the ingredients for Thyroid GREENS™ to be delicious, safe, gluten-free and most of all “thyroid healthy.”

The secret you might not realize is that many nutritional supplements contain ingredients in erratic amounts. Send off your favorite supplement to be analyzed by a laboratory and you might find that the actual ingredients don’t match what’s on the label.

I’m fussy with my formula, and proud of it. You get what you pay for.
Every ingredient is safe, effective, and scientifically based and is consistent from bottle to bottle.
The other scary secret that some companies in this industry don’t want you to know is that their products sometimes contain a wide range of unnatural, unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients.
I’m referring to artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives, stabilizers, microorganisms that aren’t even tested… and God only knows what else.

Certainly you don't want extracts that can attack thyroid function. Whatever is in them, it’s NOT good for all of you, although some of you might be getting by okay for now.

I am a little exasperated by the marketing hype I’ve seen for so many years which we buy hook, line, and sinker. We just jump off the cliff like lemmings.

That’s why now, after working in this industry for more than two decades I decided to do something about it. I’m going to empower you by providing a checklist.
I have custom formulated the BEST thyroid-safe, effective greens formula to help you get your fruits and vegetables each day, to help you improve your energy level, and to detoxify your gut… all without hurting your thyroid.* 
Here’s a closer look at the non-goitrogenic ingredients in Thyroid GREENS™. In each easy scoop, you’ll benefit from:
Bacillus Coagulans
This probiotic strain will help improve digestive, immune and mental health.* Bacillus coagulans is significantly better than common ordinary probiotics (such as those found in yogurt and other traditional probiotics) because only a small percentage of the bacteria in the leading yogurt-based probiotics survive in your stomach where there is an extremely acidic environment. Bacillus coagulans is one of the few probiotic strains shown in studies to survive stomach acid.*
When considering the health of your thyroid, vitamin A plays a role and carrots are rich in this antioxidant. Thyroid hormone helps with the conversion of beta-carotene to fat-soluble vitamin A which is needed for healthy vision, skin, and immune function.* As a result, it is quite common for people with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis to be deficient in vitamin A.

It’s hard to test for deficiencies of a vitamin A deficiency, but if you have poor thyroid health, you are likely deficient, and you might feel fatigued or have trouble seeing at night you might have skin rashes/lesions, and you might be more prone to respiratory infections or stomach flu (termed gastroenteritis).

Carrot powder is included in Thyroid GREENS to provide the ultimate antioxidant that simultaneously helps you with your eye health, skin health and energy levels.* One scoop of Thyroid GREENS contains, more than 2,500 IU of vitamin A. 
I’ve included a good amount of dulse in my Thyroid GREENS because it nourishes all glands in the body including the thyroid gland.* It can help you rid the body of heavy metals, while at the same time nourishing your digestive tract.* It can boost metabolism and best of all, it loves your liver.* Dulse is a seaweed and seaweeds like dulse are extremely popular in Eastern cultures such as Japan, Korea, and China.

This may explain why some of the health issues Americans are facing today are virtually non-existent to those cultures. But most of you will not eat seaweed, even if I tell you or beg you to. So I put it in my Thyroid GREENS, and you won’t even taste it I promise. If you could, it would be mildly salty, but definitely not offensive like some of the seaweeds found in other popular brands. Dulse is awesome because it is very high in vitamins and minerals, especially the B vitamins, as well as iron, potassium, phosphorus and manganese.* 

The health of your liver is important if you are ever going to get well and detoxify. All super greens, even the ones with goitrogens in them are healthy for your liver and for detoxifying. The problem, as I've explained, in detail is that they all contain goitrogenic ingredients that will attack your thyroid function - with the exception of Thyroid GREENS, which was designed with your thyroid in mind.

Dulse contains natural iodine which supports thyroid hormone production and does just the opposite of goitrogens which dampen thyroid production.*
Let’s just all stand up together now and clap! Chlorella is one of the most amazing green super foods on Earth. It’s sometimes used in the treatment of cancer because it helps remove radioactive particles from the body after radiation treatment.

It contains chlorophyll which makes plants and leaves GREEN. When you get down to it, chlorella is a tiny one-celled algae that grows in fresh water. Chlorella emerged over two billion years ago and its name is derived from the Greek - "chloros" meaning green and "ella" meaning small.

It’s definitely small and green but don’t underestimate its power.

It contains 60% protein, 18 amino acids, vitamins and minerals galore - iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, pro-vitamin A, vitamins C, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, E and K, biotin, inositol, and folate.

Animal studies have shown that Chlorella supports healthy cholesterol ratios and helps to reduce the burden of toxic chemicals.*
These Amazon rainforest berries are a cross between blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries! They have very high antioxidant activity because they contain potent plant-based antioxidants that you’ve probably heard of like resveratrol and ferulic acid.* Ferulic acid is found in high-end anti-aging skin creams.

Acai berries protect the thyroid gland because of their ability to quell free radicals and support thyroid health by helping you reduce ‘dirt’ in the body.*

Acai berries are added to Thyroid GREENS™ because they add beautiful natural color and flavor. They have somewhere between 10-30 times more anthocyanin potency as red wine! Acai berries have a high concentration of around 45% healthy fats (as in beneficial fatty acids) such as linoleic, palmitic and oleic acid (also found in olive oil).* Acai also offers healthy levels of dietary fiber to help your digestive system functioning smoothly.*

Antioxidants clean up the cellular debris that is spawned every minute you're breathing.* Acai berries have a very high ORAC value - Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity - which measures the antioxidant strength of the acai fruit pulp/skin powder. Acai reportedly has the highest ORAC value among fruits and vegetables. I’ve put 200 mg of acai in each serving of Thyroid GREENS.
Wheat Grass
The compounds that are in wheat grass can do so many things that I’m not even allowed to tell you because the FDA gets mad when supplement producers tell consumers all this good stuff, and make “disease claims” so just trust me on this.
Wheat Grass
Wheat grass, despite the name, does not have any wheat gluten in it. So you are safe! Most individuals don’t like to take ‘shots’ of wheat grass because it tastes so bad. I’ve concealed its unpleasant taste with a natural mixed-berry flavor.
Wheat grass is a super duper plant that is about 70 percent chlorophyll and it impressively contains practically every mineral known to man and woman! We think of red meat as giving us protein, but wheat grass is more potent because it is extremely rich in protein. 

Like chlorella, wheat grass contains SOD - superoxide dismutase - one of the most powerful free-radical scavengers in your body!* You need SOD, but some of you have genetic speed bumps like me and you can't make enough SOD, so wheat grass to the rescue!

SOD helps eliminate DNA-damaging bad guys in your body, thus it can help slows down the aging process.* SOD helps you get rid of peroxidase, and some of you with an unhealthy thyroid have very high antibodies against your thyroid peroxidase levels (TPO).* A little wheat grass could do you good here.

Someone who studied wheat grass decided it could actually take the place of blood transfusions in severe cases. Researchers have previously shown that when animals with low red blood cells and low hemoglobin are given a solution containing chlorophyll, the animals quickly improve their red blood cell count.*

Low red blood cell count is quite common in our modern ‘fatigued’ population, as well as in women who have heavy menstrual cycles. A study recently conducted in India found that over a period of three years, wheat grass was able to improve the quality of life for a group of 348 terminally ill cancer patients. The study's authors concluded that there were significant improvements in hemoglobin, total protein and albumin level.* When you improve red blood cell status, you improve oxygen delivery around the body and that supports healthy energy production.*

Please google the benefits of wheat grass. You’ll be blown away, and know that Thyroid GREENS™ has 500 mg per serving, which is a healthy amount, although not enough to affect the delicious taste.
Beet Root
Beet Root
Most famous for its beneficial effect on maintaining healthy blood pressure levels,* beets are truly a super nutritious food. I can’t explain why they are known botanically as Beta vulgaris, because there is nothing vulgar about them! Sometimes scientists are just silly.

But anyway, beets give us betaine, which helps naturally break down the foods you eat, thus lowering the risk for partially digested food particles making their way to your bloodstream and triggering an autoimmune attack,* even one aimed at your thyroid. 

Beets can very slightly (and temporarily) increase levels of ‘nitric oxide’ in your blood vessels and this can cause an anti-platelet action, which is a good thing.* Beets help clean up your vascular pipeline and studies suggest they can help maintain a healthy balance of cholesterol ratios, C reactive protein and homocysteine.*

Wait, it gets better.

Beets contain compounds that are beneficial to the body's normal inflammatory response, which can help with an upset or swollen thyroid gland.* Beets contain “betalains” which help block pro-inflammatory enzymes all over the body, including helping with swelling in the thyroid.* 
What Else is in Thyroid Greens™?
Apple Pectin
Ulva (sea lettuce)
Natural Flavors
including organic evaporated cane juice sugar (nothing artificial, no stevia aftertaste).
Less is more
I see advertisements for greens formulas that say they are well rounded because they have 50 or 60 different algaes, grasses, fruits, sprouts, mushrooms and more. Holy cow, that is a LOT (like a LOT!) of stuff to put into yourself at one time don’t you think?! 
These products claim they are giving you a “wide array” of health benefits, but all it makes me think is that there’s a HUGE potential for an allergic reaction, or an unwanted side effect. I don’t want to even try putting those types of green mixes into my body (but I confess that I have because I wanted to test what happened to me)…. but I hated doing it because there was always a good likelihood that something was not going to react well with me, such as stomach upset, diarrhea, flatulence, allergy, sensitivity and so forth.

I hesitantly tried it and came out unscathed with the first scoop, but these products that have 30, 40, 50 ….omg 60+ ingredients!

I don’t recommend it.

Where are all those ingredients sourced from? Are they all organic and non-GMO? Has each and every ingredient in a green mix that have been independently verified and tested for purity and/or contamination? I could have put 100+ ingredients in my green formula, but I wouldn’t formulate something with a ton of different ingredients that I wouldn’t personally consume, and I don’t want you too either.

It’s just a matter of trusting the dozens of ingredients inside, and also trusting that each one is right for your body. That's a lot of trust.

That's why less is more when it comes to Greens powders.

I can’t think of one reason why you wouldn’t benefit from my Thyroid GREENS™ mix, so why don’t you try it?  It includes a money-back guarantee which I'll explain below. Say YES without overthinking it, and watch your health transform in ways you never thought were possible. 
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My Thyroid GREENS™ contains the purest, highest quality blend of natural grasses, fruits, vegetables and seaweeds. All of these protect your thyroid gland and promote your health.* And if that isn’t reason enough...
1) It tastes delicious

2) It has a non-GMO berry flavor similar to blueberries and raspberries

3) It quickly dissolves and it's easy to use.

4) It's easily digestible.

5) You can mix it with water or put it into smoothies, shakes or recipes

6) It’s sweetened naturally with organic cane juice sugar and a yummy natural mixed berry flavor.

7) Thyroid GREENS has no unpleasant or ‘fishy’ taste even though it’s packed with super ingredients like acai, chlorella, an edible seaweed and gluten-free wheat grass. Plus I’ll give you your money back if you don’t find it delicious! 

8) It has absolutely NO caffeine, so the energy you receive is natural and occurs because once your cells are drenched in health, they'll work better.* They are not dragging anymore. 

9) It contains bacillus coagulans, a probiotic that survives stomach acid. Did you know that all those popular probiotics found in other greens die in stomach acid? What good does that do you?

10) It has outstanding alkalizing ability with powerful antioxidant benefits.*

11) My Thyroid GREENS™ contains all kinds of super ingredients. And it's blended in an FDA laboratory. 
We use only non-GMO ingredients


13) Certified ORGANIC by CCOF

14) No alcohol, not even a sugar alcohol. ZERO concerns about alcohol with my product :-) If you want alcohol, go make yourself a martini :-) And no interactions with Thyroid GREENS™.
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Money Back Guarantee Included for 90 Days
Answers To Your Questions 
Can I take Thyroid GREENS™ with my prescription medicine?
Absolutely. It will not interfere with thyroid medicine, or any other medicine for that matter. But remember that individuals who are on WARFARIN, COUMADIN or PLAVIX are supposed to stay away from greens formulas, so all of you folks, you should avoid this, and be sure to ask your doctor if you are ever allowed.
Most green powders have to be mixed with water. Can I mix your Thyroid GREENS™ in anything else?
Yes. You can mix it in any juice you like, or soda, or tea or beer if you want! LOL… it’s fine! You can even add a scoop to your baking recipes and make green cookies for your kiddos.
Since your Thyroid GREENS™ has a probiotic in it, do I need to continue my regular probiotic?
Yes. The Bacillus Coagulans that I put in Thyroid GREENS™ is just one strain. If you are taking another probiotic during the day, please continue.
I see "wheat grass" on your label. So does your formula have wheat... is it gluten free?
Wheatgrass is not the same as wheat. My formula is GLUTEN-FREE, and safe for Celiacs.
I see pineapple powder on your label, that's such an odd choice for a fruit. WHY?
Because pineapples give us “bromelain” which is a healthy digestive enzyme that breaks down proteins.  Bromelian has been studied for it’s effect on asthma, allergies, joint pain, sinus health and much more.
When should I take it?
Anytime you want, but keep in mind it might give you a nice feeling of clarity or alertness as most greens do. For this reason I suggest drinking it in the morning, or at lunch or even early afternoon. I don’t think you should take it at night unless you work a nightshift. 
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The special pricing and deal ends soon! 
Money Back Guarantee Included for 90 Days
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